T130 Pillow Cases 42x34" White

T130 Pillow Cases 42x34" White (Price per dozen, Sold 10 dozen per box)

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Product: Pillow Case, T130 Thread count

Dimensions: 42" x 34" 

Content: 50% Cotton - 50% Polyester

Color: White

Quantity: 10 dozen (120 pieces) per pack

Brand: Eurocale

Pillow cases t130 thread count 42x34" white standard, T 130 woven 50% Polyester & 50% Cotton, Eurocale brand, White color. Economical and cost effective. Used in hotels, motels, Institutions, Government Agencies, residences, hospitals, nursing homes, Old age Homes, and chiropractic & physiotherapy clinics. 45/55 poly/cotton
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