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Knitted Fitted Sheets 19 Oz. 36x84x16" White with Green Hem (5 dozen/60 Pieces)

knitted fitted sheets

 Product: Knitted Fitted Sheets

Dimensions: 36x84x16"

Weight: 19 oz

Content: 55% Cotton - 45% Polyester

Color: White with Green Hem

Quantity: 5 dozen (60 pieces) per pack

Brand: Eurocale

Knitted fitted sheets 36x84x16" white with green hem.
Knitted Eurocale brand bed sheets available in white color with green hem. 45% Polyester/55% Cotton, with 16’’ deep pocket, weight 15 oz. Also available in 15oz with blue hem and 24oz with yellow/gold hem.  
Used in hotels, institutions, government agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, old-age homes , retirement homes, long-term care centers, and chiropractic & physiotherapy clinics.

In stock and available for immediate delivery.

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